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Technical Parameters

LUHAI can produce drilling motors of diameter LZ73, LZ89, LZ95, LZ102, LZ120, LZ127, LZ146, LZ165, LZ172, LZ185, LZ197, LZ203, LZ216, LZ244, LZ286 for hole diameter from  88.9 to 660mm. LUHAI also can design and develop drilling motors with special sizes, different structural features and operating characteristics in accordance with the user's requirements, thus forming different drilling motor varieties. At present, in addition to ordinary straight drilling motors, LUHAI can also provide the following types of drilling motors:

1.Bent drilling motors: The bent angle on the universal shaft can meet different kickoff requirement, there are single-bent and double-bent available.

2.Bent angle adjustable drilling motors: The bent angle of the drilling motors can be adjusted on well surface which enhance the extension of kicking off.

3.Extension drilling motors: On the basis of the ordinary drilling motor, improve motor torque to make the bit drilling quickly by increasing motor stage.

4.Hollow drilling motors: To meet the needs of high flow rate solids carrying in drilling, hollow rotors with carbide nozzles of different sizes are adopted, which can increase the input flow rate and the horsepower of drill bit.

5.Drilling motors with high kick-off rate: Unique structural design, shorter body, bent point closer to the drill bit, and kick-off rate of up to 1°/m.

6.Saturated saltwater mud-resistant drilling motorsTo maintain long time operation of drilling motors in saturated saltwater mud, special rotor coating is adopted to provide better corrosion and wear resistance.

7.High-temperature drilling motors: In order to improve the high temperature resistance of the stator rubber of the drilling motors, to meet the drilling requirements in high geothermal gradient region and deep and ultra-deep well drilling requirements, high-temperature resistant rubber is adopted to increase the temperature resistance of motor above 150 ℃.

8.Sealed driving shaft drilling motors: The ordinary mud lubricated driving shaft is replaced with oil lubricated seal driving shaft, which improves the working conditions of the thrust and radial bearings, thus extending the service life of the drilling motors.

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